Community Takes Over GCR

KALKARA, MALTA, Jun. 14, 2018 – Global Currency Reserve (GCR) is a coin with a checkered history, not having been supported by its original developers for many years. This once-contentious coin has however found anomalous support with an underground movement of decentralist programmers who have insisted on its involvement in an ambitious plan to build a new online economy using the power of the blockchain. These plans progress with GCR’s listing on CryptoBridge Exchange, as announced today. Some watchers have been mystified by the irregular support of GCR since it was delisted from Bittrex on 23rd March. Others have discovered the quiet campaigning of a technologically-focused grass-roots community that supports the emerging TREOS marketplace platform. Using their own resources, developers representing the people have been on a mission to revive the GCR coin in the next 24 months, along with its PI wallets and community infrastructure. The goal is to allow GCR coin holders to swap their GCRs for the potentially more valuable TRO token in a 1:1 swap. Following a two year token swap period, all remitted GCR coins will be put into cold storage where the private keys to the GCR wallet will be destroyed in a ‘coin burn’. The TREOS team will release their official white paper soon where this 1:1 GCR/TRO ICO will be explained in greater detail, including how TRO tokens will be pegged to the stable price of one gram of gold. TREOS’ impending launch presents its community’s vision to create a decentralized peer-to-peer marketplace where anyone can buy and sell merchandise all over the world. Tired of witnessing the impacts of vapourware, the TREOS team self-funded and built an e-commerce platform. However, the need for supporters to continue to purchase the GCR coins to prepare for the upcoming TRO token swap is key. Thus, the CryptoBridge GCR listing is an exciting development as demonstrated by the community’s enthusiasm.

What TREOS is bringing to the table is a complete cultural change, a complete financial change, a whole new token, and a whole new economy built for the people rather than for the banking cartels. The future of this is decentralized. Dan Spiteri, TREOS CEO

Forefront in the minds of supporters has been the need for GCR to be listed on an exchange that meets TREOS’ solidarity with the core ethos of the cryptocurrency and blockchain movements. A decentralized exchange (DEX) such as CryptoBridge ensures that it is beyond the reach of the fundamental manipulation of the current fiat monetary system, where a third-party handles custody and order-books. Delistings on a DEX are not enforced by powers that have a hand in stifling the growth and mass adoption of cryptocurrencies or the cultural movements that support them. And unlike centralized exchanges that are vulnerable to getting hacked, CryptoBridge offers steps towards self-securitization and encourages control by holders of digital assets. Personal information is not disclosed to third parties and its users are the only ones to have access to their private keys. CryptoBridge complements TREOS’ vision of functioning as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), designed to maintain community principles and encourage cryptocurrency education and adoption, all the while sharing earnings fairly in a whale-proof environment. TREOS has been created by the people and for the people, and CryptoBridge is also democratic by design. CryptoBridge runs on top of the BitShares Blockchain, which in itself is decentralized. Their vision is to put money back into the hands of the people. CryptoBridge has been renowned for sharing 50 percent of all DEX profits with its holders, much like how TREOS will share its profits with all its users, its DAO, and its community via airdrops, affiliate earnings, bounties and many more earning channels. Although some may express surprise at the new listing of an archaic coin such as GCR on a reformist DEX like CryptoBridge, the key to understanding the anomaly in the markets lies in recognizing that the biggest injection of wealth in human history lies right around the corner. It will either be controlled by established powers or controlled by you. Exchanges such as CryptoBridge bring us one step further to the realization of a decentralized society.


TREOS is an online ecosystem and marketplace built for the people, by the people. Developed by an avid community of decentralists, smart contract engineers, cryptocurrency enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, change-makers, and members of the borderless crypto-community, it is maintained by its own self-forming DAO and is geared towards the second phase of implementation where it will function as a fully decentralized apps platform. Self-funded and due to launch in 2018, the TREOS platform hosts features that extend beyond maintaining buyers and sellers. It functions on its own stable TRO token, each pegged to the price of one gram of gold, as well as accepting over thirty other major cryptocurrencies. The soon-to-be-released TREOS white paper explains how this is key to the creation of a new economy for the people using the power of the public blockchain consensus.